Cohana New Year Gift Campaign


The entry for the campaign has been closed.

Thank you for all the entries!
We plan to send the prizes to the winners in early February.

As we look back on the year 2020, many of us have had a difficult time due to the spread of the coronavirus. It deprived the freedoms we used to take for granted.
As we spend more time at home, our wish just got stronger to make your home time delightful.
As a token of our appreciation, we have decided to hold a gift campaign.

Why don't you welcome the new year with tools from Cohana?

Campaign details 

15 people by lottery from those who purchased the target product will win Gift from Cohana!
Look forward to what you win!


Purchase any of the "2020 Winter Gold Limited Edition Items" and apply for the campaign on our online store.


Application period 

December 25, 2020~January 31, 2021

How to apply 

To apply for the campaign, please write "New Year's Gift Campaign" in the "Add notes to your order" column of the cart when purchasing the product(s).


Winners will be selected by a strict drawing and announced by shipping.
Product shipping is scheduled for early February.


※One entry per a person during the campaign period (one entry per person regardless of the number of items purchased or the number of times purchased).
※You will not be able to choose your prize.


Magewappa Tool Box Assortment Set for 1 person

・Magewappa Toolbox with Embroidery Hoop Aoi 15 cm
・Shozaburo Thread Snips with Silk Iga Braid
・Cypress Pincushion
・Tombo-dama Sewing Pins
・Meboso Needle Set (Light to Medium Weight)
・Wooden Thread Spool


Waxed Canvas Tool Tote with 3 Canvas Pouch for 1 person

Asanoha Parquet Pencil Sharpener, Cypress Pencil with Small Flower Parquet and Brass Ruler (Classic Japanese Style) 15cm for 1 person

Banshu Sewing Shears with Lacquered Handles for 1 person

Otaru Kiriko Pincushion for 1 person

Hexagonal Temari Box ( 1 person per 1 color/4 colors )

Washi Paper Project Bag for 1 person

Small Brass Spool Set for 1 person

Kokeshi Doll Pincushion ( 1 person per 1 color/4 colors )