Ukigami Memo Pad (2.5 mm Grid)


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Unlike most notebooks, the Ukigami Memo Pad lays complete 180 degree flat when opened, making sketching, designing, or note-taking effortless and enjoyable.
This "flat-opening" book binding is an original patented technology of Nakamura Printing Co. Ltd. , founded in Tokyo in 1938. After hundreds of prototypes, veteran craftsmen finally perfected Memo Pad that meets the needs of artists, designers, and engineers around the world.

The cover is made from embossed Echizen washi paper called Ukigami with a sewing pin motif. Inner 80 pages are made of a smooth paper with a 2.5 mm grid excellent for sketching and design work, as scaling can be easily calculated. Light gray grid lines on the off-white paper help prevent eye fatigue and do not interfere with color placement.

The Ukigami Memo Pad can be closed neatly with the elastic band over the front cover.
Bring along Cohana's Mini Colored Pencils in Ukigami Box so that you never miss a thought, design, or sketch that crosses your mind.

Link to Mini Colored Pencils in Ukigami Box please click below

Link to Gift Set of Ukigami please click below

Producing Regions:Tokyo × Fukui

Product Size

Width 95mm
Length 167mm
Thickness 7mm

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