Banshu Small Thread Snips


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Small Thread Snips with an overall length of 75 mm with excellent cutting performance


Ono City, Hyogo Prefecture, in the Banshu region, has a 250-year history as a town of cutlery. Kanesada's artisan who has been making snips there for 60 years, has been polishing and refining each pair of these small snips to achieve excellent sharpness.

Small and lightweight, it can be stored in a portable sewing pouch without taking up too much space. Comes with a high-quality genuine leather case to protect the sharp blade tips.

▼Silver: Entirely polished to the shining silver color. The color gives a sharp impression.

▼Black: Rust-resistant black matte coating is applied. The tasteful color and matte texture give it a stylish look.

Producing Regions



Scissors|Kanesada/Ono City, Hyogo

Product size

※All measurements are for reference. Please note in advance that the actual dimensions of the product may slightly vary.

Total length


Blade length



Thickness 8mm

Package Size

Width 90mm
Height 30mm
Depth 120mm

Handling Precautions

  • The blade tips are sharp, so please handle with care.
  • The blades of the scissors are initially coated with oil. Before use, wipe off the oil so as not to stain the object to be cut.
  • To prevent the blades from rusting, wipe the silver part of the blade lightly with an oiled cloth after use, and store the blade in its case.
  • Forcing the blade to cut hard or thick objects will cause blade engagement to deteriorate, resulting in damage to the blade and loss of sharpness.
  • Dropping or impacting the product may cause damage to the product.
  • The case is made of genuine leather and may stretch or shrink slightly. Getting wet with water or sweat may cause the color to fade or stain.
  • Keep out of the reach of infants.

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Vielka B.V. (Panama)
Me encanta

Muy precisa y fácil de usar. Me gusta mucho y siempre la tengo a la mano.

Gracias por su opinión! We are please to hear that you liked our product. We look forward to receiving your order in the near future!

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